If you’re having a party or an event such as a wedding where many guests are staying over night why not consider booking us to offer the perfect breakfast. Whether it be for a teenage party or a sophisticated wedding we can offer the perfect start to the following day for which is “the most important meal of the day”.

For traditional breakfasts we source our meat namely bacon and sausages from local farms, you will taste the difference. All our eggs are from local farms and free range.

Our Breakfast Menu

Full English Breakfast

Farm bacon and egg, fried bread, egg, beans and mushrooms – £5 per head

Farm bacon butty – £3.00 each

Farm bacon butty with fried egg – £3.40 each

Farm bacon butty with a succulent field mushroom – £3.40 each

Crispy bacon in a soft white bread roll

Farm breakfast sausage in a roll – £3.00 each

Eggy bready
Slice of white bread soaked in an egg mixture and fried in one of our “giant pans” – £3 each

Boiled eggs – £1 each

Traditional Kedgeree, (minimum 20 servings) – £6 perhead