For every occasion.


Baked New York style cheesecake

Baked pear and caramel cheesecake

Mango and Passion Fruit Cheesecake
Layers of creamy smooth passion fruit and mango infused cheesecake, topped with a tart passion fruit curd. Finishedwith a passion fruit and mango glaze.

Traditional Cakes

Victorian Fruit Cake
A rich moist fruit cake made with sultanas, cherries and mixed citrus fruit zest infused with sherry and black treacle.

Traditional Cakes and a little Imagination

Blueberry Burst
A round blueberry sponge sandwiched with a layer of sweet frosting with a blueberries. Topped with sweet frosting and blueberry patterned glaze.

English wild flower honey and lavender cake.
A moist honey and lavener sponge finished with honey glaze, icing and a sprinkling of dried lavender

Sticky chocolate and orange cake

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