Canapé Display

Create something of a WOW factor by letting us create a canapé display. These can be rustic or exotic, colourfully lit with mock palm trees made from fruit with other exotic fruit creations. Our canapé displays are guaranteed to be a talking point at any party. Some examples are featured below. For more details on our canapé displays please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selection de Reims

A collection of luxury handmade Canapés created to enhance any party. Sold as a platter, each platter contains 63 Canapés with a selection 9 different assortments.

We recommend one platter to serve 12 to 14 guests. Price per platter £40.

Les Parfumes:

  • Aubergine with cumin and Feta cheese on olive bread.
  • Prawn and guacamole on tomato bread.
  • Goats cheese and roasted fig on bread baked with nuts.
  • Foie Gras with mango and apricot chutney with a chocolate button on a mini brioche.
  • Smoked salmon with Tzatziki on spinach bread.
  • Marinated chicken tikka with pineapple and coriander on black bread.
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese with broad bean on a mini bilini.
  • Tuna with a caper and cherry tomato on luxurious granary bread.
  • Coppa salami with pesto on polenta

Please allow 5 working days between your order and delivery.

Selection de Paris

A luxurious selection of traditional style Canapés typically found in the French capital. The Canapés come on a tray of 54, with 9 different styles.

We recommend 1 tray serves up to 10 people. Price per platter £38

Les Parfumes:

  • Cream of crab with a twist of lemon served on rustic Swedish style bread
  • Smoked duck breast with a slightly spiced chutney
  • Chicken, pepper and mustard squares
  • Lightly spiced smoked salmon on a swirl of lemon cream, all served on a mini blinis
  • A smooth duck mousse with fig confit and dried apricot on black bread
  • Goat cheese with finely chopped chives and marinated tomato on tomato bread
  • Marinated prawn on a bed of guacamole served on black bread
  • Marinated anchovy on cream of horseradish, served on black bread
  • Cream of Roquefort lightly sprinkled with chopped walnuts on black bread

Please allow 5 working days between your order and delivery

Selection de Rochelle

An imaginative and contemporary selection of Canapés hand made in France. The Canapés come as a platter of 45 with a selection of 9 different assortments. We recommend one platter to serve 10 – 12 guests.  Price per platter £38

Les parfumes

  • A miniature choux bun with Comte cheese topped by a succulent piece of apricot and almond
  • Speciality spiced bread topped with bloc of foie gras and peach tartare
  • Spinach bread spread with basil infused cream cheese and topped with a fresh prawn
  • Mini bracoiles, courgette, baby pepper and basil spread on speciality tomato bread
  • Smoked salmon and lemon cheese blini club sandwich
  • Walnut bread topped with goats cheese, a cherry tomato and pecan nut
  • A delicate lemon and basil sponge spread with horse radish cheese topped with crayfish
  • Bresaola honeyed cheese on seeded bread
  • A miniature choux bun spread with cucumber and trout caviar, topped with crab

Selection Bulles Gourmandes

Something different as well as refreshing. Canapes prepared in a miniature clear plastic globe to be eaten with a miniature canapé spoon. As well as being extremely tasty they will be something of a talking point.

There are 3 different flavours to each tray with 6 of each. A total of 18. We recommend the “Selection Bulles Gourmandes are served alongside other canapes. We also recommend one tray serves around 6 to 8 guests.

Les Parfumes – Tomato and parmesan topped with basil and pistachio. Chicken Tikka with a apricot and mango sweet chutney topped with fromage blanc. Poached salmon with traditional tatziki topped with finely diced cucumber.

Selection Vegetariens

A rare and imaginative selection of vegetarian canapés. The canapés are served as a platter of 54, all hand prepared with 6 different varieties. We recommend one platter to serve 10 to 12 guests. Price per platter £35

Les Parfumes

  • Mini burger with cream of coriander a sugarsnap pea and teriyaki sauce.
  • Tomato Financiers topped with a mini mozzarella ball, ricotta cream and marinated tomato.
  • Miniature vegetable club sandwiches.
  • Spinach cakes topped with mascarpone cream, soya beans and sugarsnap peas.
  • Onion cakes topped with mascarpone cream, walnuts and cranberries.
  • Blinis with roasted pepper cream and sweet roasted peppers.

Mini Brochettes (Gluten Free)

Created and hand made by a French chef these are a sophisticated and colourful addition to a Canapé platter or hors d’oeuvre and can also be used as part of a finger buffet. Presented on a looped bamboo skewer they are easy to eat without your guests needing a napkin. Minimum order, 15 of each.

Abricot, fromage de chevre, pomme granny


Apricot, goats’ cheese and Granny Smith apple. A skewer with dried apricot, soft goats’ cheese with crushed pistachio and haslenut and granny smith apple.

Saumon fume, fromage de chevre, pomme granny


Smoked salmon, goats’ cheese and Granny Smith apple. A skewer with smoked salmon, soft goats’ cheese lightly covered in poppy seeds and granny smith apple.

Tomate confite, mozzarella, viande de grisons


Sun blushed tomato, Mozzarella cheese and cured beef. A skewer with sun blushed tomato, Mozzarella cheese infused with basil, garlic and pistachio and cured beef, (also known as Bundnerfleisch), cured using pepper, garlic, bay leaves and juniper berries.

Individual Canapes

  • Spiced goat’s cheese served on a blini
  • Mediterranian marinated goat’s cheese served on a blini topped with a sun blushed cherry tomato
  • Foie Gras served on a miniature toasted brioche topped with Sauterne jelly.
  • Home made Kalamata Tapanade served on a blini and topped by a pitted Kalamata olive
  • Dates stuffed with fresh goats cheese and decorated with pistachios, orange zest and pomegranate.
  • Garlic prawns on a skewer – served warm
  • Two garlic marinated Tiger prawns served on a skewer kebab style

Indian Style Canapés

Our Indian style canapés are all made fresh to order and displayed on a mix of banana and lotus leaves.

Indian Style Meat Canapés

Indian Style Murgh Kebab
Bite size chicken breast marinated with crushed garlic and ginger, our own mix of spices and freshly chopped coriander. Baked slowly in the oven with fresh cream and served on a bed of finely diced cucumber in a pastry cup.

Indian Style Tandoori Chicken Bites
Bite size chicken breast marinated in tandoori spices and carefully baked. Served on a bamboo skewer.

Indian Style Seafood Canapés

Mini pastry spoons filled with Goan shrimp curry.

Indian Style Vegetarian Canapés

Mini onion bhaji.

Mini pastry spoons filled with chickpea curry, yoghurt, and pomegranate.

Mini pastry cones filled with chickpea curry, yoghurt and pomegranate.

Mini pastry spoons filled with potato mash infused with garlic pickle

Mini pastry cones filled with beetroot raitha and pomegranate.

Gol Coppa filled with chickpea curry, yoghurt and pomegranate, decorated with a fresh mint leaf.

Brinjal Chestnut, marinated chestnut with curry spices, gently baked and served with fresh coriander.

Minimum order 15 of each at £21 for 15.

Asiatic and Tropical canapes

Miniature Thai Fishcakes, (served warm) – Platter of 20 – £18

Miniature spring rolls filled with crispy duck and minced spring onion, (served warm with Hoisin sauce) – Platter of 20 – £18.

Tahitian fish salad served in miniature bowls