From the Sea

Classic prawn cocktail

Why change what’s popular. Freshly prepared prawn cocktail served in a tall glass.
£3.50 each

Luxury prawn cocktail

A freshly prepared prawn cocktail using large prawns and decorated with shell on Tiger prawns. Served in a tall glass.
£5 each

Mexican prawn cocktail.

A freshly prepared prawn cocktail full of flavour. No less than 14 different ingredients go into making up this cocktail including red onion, cucumber, fresh tomato, avocado and fish lime to name a few. Presented in a half coconut shell and decorated with a shell on prawn and a slice of lime this prawn cocktail not only tastes fantastic but looks fantastic as well.
£4 each

Spiced prawn cocktail.

For those who like a kick to their food this prawn cocktail is perfect. Freshly prepared with lots of fresh chilli and fresh lime this is a prawn cocktail to challenge your taste buds. Served in either a tall glass or coconut shell.
£3.50 each.

Tequila Scallops

Scallops cooked with shallots, a good dash of lime, a top grade sea salt and of course Tequila. A great and tasty starter rspecially if you’re going for a South American theme. This starter can be served hot or at room temperature. Served on a scallop

Saint Jacques poelees sauce fromage de Wissant

Scallops fried in a cheese sauce using a French farm made cheese, “Sable de Wissant”.
Wissant is a fishing and seaside resort on the Cote de Opals just South of Calais. The cheese which translated into English “Wissant Sand” is made at a local farm. It is washed in a white beer from the town and encrusted in breadcrumbs not only to flavour but to resemble the grains of sands from the town’s beach. The cheese makes a great sauce which complements the delicate flavour of scallops. Served on a scallop

Noix de Saint Jacques sur lit de creme au chorizo

Freshly cooked scallops served on a bed of savoury cream with shallots and served with fried chorizo. A classic. Served on a scallop

Tandoori prawns with minty yoghurt dip

Tiger prawns fried in our own mix of Tandoori spices and served with s freshly made minty yoghurt dip.

Prawn, Crab and Grapefruit Cocktail

Another imaginative French entree. Fresh prawns and crab meat, carefully blended with grapefruit and mango and smothered with mayonnaise blended with double cream and French Cognac before being given a little spice in the form of Cayenne pepper. Served in a decorated grapefruit skin. – £7

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