During, after your meal or the next morning we can serve and supply hot drinks to your guests. From breakfast tea and filter coffee to some thing a little more luxurious such as genuine Spanish hot chocolate or Flowering Tea we will be able to meet your wishes.

Our hot drinks can be served in china cups or mugs or if you prefer in insulated disposable cups. They can be served at your table or we can set up a hot drink bar where your guests can serve themselves, the choice as always is yours.

Our choices.


Classic Teas

English breakfast tea. A classic English tea not only good for breakfast but for any time of the day.

Earl Grey. Another classic tea, available with a wedge of lemon.

Herbal Teas

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves


Specialist Teas

Cup Of Tea And Loose Tea Assortment

Flowering Teas

This tea not only tastes good, it’s a piece of theatre as well. Served in a glass, watch as the hot water is poured, a flower unfold from nothing, blooming into a blaze of colour before your eyes. Perfect for weddings or any event where you wish to create an impression.

The flavours

  • Green Tea, Lily and Jasmine.
  • Green Tea, Rose and Lily.
  • Green Tea, Marigold and Jasmine.


Classic Filter Coffee

Hot Chocolate