At Ashridge Delicious we offer authentique Paella cooked from scratch , using only the finest fresh ingredients. Where appropriate, we even make our own fish stock.

We offer a variety of Paellas to suit every taste and pocket.You can even with our help design your own Paella.

The Paella are cooked in authentic Spanish Paella Pans, using large Paella Burners and can be prepared for a single sitting or can be staggered to provide continous servings over several hours. We are equally at home catering for a small private party *( normal minimum 20 servings) in a back garden or much larger corporate style events where there are several hundred invitees. The Paella can be served direct from the pan or served at your table. * Minimum number of servings for any one booking is normaly 20 however we are always happy to try and meet your requirements, simply contact us for help in meeting these.

We are completely self contained, all we need from you is the space!

Below are listed our standard Paellas however if you prefer to design your own Paella, simply contact us and one of our chefs will be happy to discuss your individual requiements.

Meat Paella

A perfect Paella for those who don’t like Seafood or who have guests,who maybe allergic to Seafood.The Paella has all our standard ingredients – rice, fresh peppers, petit pois, tomato, onion, chicken stock, safran, our own clever mix of Paella spices plus chicken portions (boneless if required) and genuine Spanish Chrizo (hot or mild). Every Paella is finished with freshly squeezed lemon juice and chopped parsley.

Rabbit, (in season) is a popular and authentic addition to  a meat paella. Please ask if you would like to add rabbit or for that matter any other meat.

Classic Seafood Paella

A classic Paella closely resembling the Paella you are most likely to sample whilst on holiday in Spain. Our Classic Paella has all of the ingredients in our meat Paella without of course the meat and with fish stock not chicken. Typically our Classic Paella contains squid, mussels, large green lip mussels, shell off prawns and shell on tiger prawns, however you are welcome to add to or change these ingredients, our chef will be happy to discuss this with you. As before each Paella is finished with freshly squeezed lemon juice and chopped parsley.

Paella Royale

This is a classic French version of the famous Spanish dish. It is basically a combination of the Meat and Classic Seafood Paella. It is by far our most popular Paella.

The Ultimate Paella

For those who want something special, this is our classic Seafood Paella plus fresh lobster. Delicious.

Vegetarian Paella

For those who can’t eat meat or seafood we offer a vegetarian option. This is often popular cooked alongside our meat or seafood Paellas offering an alternative for your guests. Our vegetarian Paella consists of rice, fresh peppers, petit pois, tomato, onion, courgettes, asparagus, French beans, vegetable stock, our own clever mix of Paella spice and finished as always with freshly squeezed lemon juice and chopped parsley. N.B. further vegetables can be added on request, artichokes are often a popular addition.