French Salads

Celeri Remoulade

A French classic which in France is normally served with roast pork. We think it makes an excellent side salad. Shredded celeriac in a mild mustard dressing.

Carrottes Rapees

Another French classic. Finely shredded carrot in a mild vinaigrette. Ideal as an accompaniment.

Italian Salads

Artichokes Florentine

Our own version of this Classic Italian Salad. Artichoke hearts quartered and complemented with roasted peppers and chopped Italian sun dried tomatoes resting in a luxurious marinade based around balsamic vinegar and finished with fresh chopped basil.


Classic Italian Tomato Salad

If you’re used to having simply sliced tomatoes with sea salt this salad is a really nice surprise. Sliced vine tomatoes with freshly chopped onion and dark Italian olives in a dressing with balsamic vinegar and garnished with freshly torn basil.

Exotic Salads

Spiced Salads

Spiced cherry chilli and cherry tomato salad

Spiced cherry chilli and cherry tomato salad

One of our most popular salads. Quartered cherry tomatoes, with cherry chillies, cucumber wedges and lemon marinated in chilli oil with garlic and spices and decorated with fresh dill.

Rajma Plus Salat, (Spiced bean and chickpea salad)

Mediterranean Salads

Greek Salad

How often have you been disappointed by what is offered as a “Greek Salad”? You won’t be disappointed with this one. Cubes of barreled Feta with sliced cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, purple onion and Kalamata olives in a classic Greek dressing using a high quality olive oil and freshened with squeezed lemon juice.

Fig, Rocket and Pine Nut Salad

Fig, Rocket and Pine Nut Salad with Fresh Goats Cheese

Figs with young Pecorino and Honey.

Figs with roughly cut young Pecorino mixed with a rocket and basil leaves in our own freshly made olive oil and honey dressing.