All our soups are freshly made and are served with rustic bread and farm butter on a wood board.

Classic Soups

Tomato and coriander

Tomato and coriander soup

Leek and potato

Leek and potato soup

French onion

(with rustic Fench bread and melted Emmental cheese)

Homemade French Onion Soup with Cheese and Toast

Mushroom Veloute

Soupe au Pistou

Classic French Rustic Vegetable Soup

A Little More Special

Galician Broth

A hearty Mediterranean winter soup which is suitable all year round in our northern climes. Freshly cooked gammon with onion, bay leaves and a subtle mix of spices , roughly chopped and gently simmered with diced potato, rolled spring greens or kale, cannellini beans and a healthy sprinkling of genuine Spanish paprika.

Veloute d’asperges blanches avec tapioca.

A creamy soup of white asparagus with tapioca

Soupe de Poisson

Classic French fish soup served with garlic croutons, emmental rape and rouille, the latter being a traditional spiced sauce which your guests can add at their leisure

Bisque de Homard

Another classic French soup based on lobster, served with garlic croutons

Veloute dâ Ecrevisses

Crayfish soup