From the land

Served warm

Chorizo and garlic.

Chorizo and chicken livers.

Chorizo cooked in red wine.

Meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.

Chorizo in Cider

Garlic lamb skewers


Chorizo and tomato Salsa

Broad beans with Jamon

Russian Salad


From the sea

Served warm

Marinated squid, (can be served warm or cold).

Prawns in chilli, garlic and black pepper.

Spiced mussels

Spiced green lip mussels.

Tuna Skewers

Fish balls in tomato sauce


Served cold

Chargrilled artichoke quarters in oil.

Marinated Manchego cheese, (cubes of young Manchego marinated with pepper, garlic, white wine vinegar and fresh tarragon).