One of our team comes from French Flanders and thus we are proud to offer the following Flemish dishes.

Poulet au Maroille et Vin Blanc

A Flemish classic, this dish consist of chicken breast cooked in a cream sauce with Maroille cheese, ( a very pungent cheese which started life in monasteries close to Lille) and white wine served with either rice, homemade fries or seasoned potatoes. A real hearty dish.

Carbonade Flamande

Another Flemish Classic regularly served in Flemish Estaminets. It is essentially the finest stewing beef, diced and cooked in Flemish beer with smoked lardons, carrots and onions and served with either homemade fries or seasoned potatoes.

Waterzoi de Poissons

This is a fish stew Flemish style. It consist of 3 types of fish (usually cod, salmon and haddock ) cut in large cubes, along with “Fruit de Mer” namely giant tiger prawns, clams, giant green mussels, mussels and squid cooked in a sauce of crème fraiche and white wine with carrots, onions, leeks and a fragrant collection of fresh herbs. Served over rice or buttered potatoes.