Butter Chicken with Mango

Fast becoming our most popular dish. A mix of chicken breast and boneless chicken thighs marinated for at least 24 hours in our own blend of Indian spices. The chicken is then cooked in butter and later with cream and fresh Mango before a clever blending of the sauce creates the perfect dish. Served on a bed of rice decorated with Mango.

Aloo Chole, (Potato and Chickpea Curry)

A delicious and rich vegetarian curry based around chickpeas and potatoes. Fresh green chillies are used to give this curry a little spice and no fewer than 8 different spices are blended to create an authentic flavour. Served with rice.

Thakkali Bendakka – Cherry Tomatoes and Okra Curry

A superb curry originating from Sri Lanka. Tender okra with halved cherry tomatoes and onion cooked with fresh ginger and garlic in an aromatic blend of no less than 7 different spices. Served with rice. Without rice this also makes a good side dish.

Gaju Kalya Foogath – Banana Curry

An authentic and unusual curry to impress your guests. Plaintains cooked with fresh chillies, peppers, onion and garlic in coconut milk along with a traditional mix of spices. Served with rice.