Marinating olives is an art. The balance of the herbs, spices, oils and vinegars has to be just right to achieve that memorable flavour. Then there’s the salt, olives are cured in a salt solution and before you can start marinating the olives need to be desalinated. This can take well over a week and is a process many olive sellers tend to ignore hence the common complaint, “olives are too salty”.

At Ashridge Delicious we go to great lengths to desalinate our olives and our marinates have been perfected over many years. Wherever possible we use fresh , not dried to achieve the ultimate flavour.

For recipe ideas using olives please visit our recipe page or if you want help choosing the right olive for your own recipe please email us (info@www.ashridgedelicious.co.uk), we’re only too happy to try and help.

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